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Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun is our most popular outdoor team building activity, ideal for groups looking to break the ice and bond their team in a fun and relaxing outdoor team building environment.


The Event Brief:

Enjoy a day of fun team building activities and games designed to put a smile on the face of your team. Choose from our variety of Fun in the Sun or Fun with programs or tailor the event to your own objectives all with the emphasis on having an enjoyable team building event together with us!


The Event format:

Choose your event format with activities designed for individual teams or One team, focus on improving teamwork skills, include a competitive element or simply have fun doing the activities. Event formats include station rotation, team versus team or walk rally chaser race.

Events DMC will design your event format just for you.


Program Choice:


Program 1- Icebreakers – A series of simple challenges and games designed to bring your team closer together and have fun in the sun.


Program 2-The Apprentices - A series of objective based challenges and fun games designed to train your team and focus on skills whilst having fun in the sun.


Program 3- The Professionals: - Design your own program and select from our full range of objective based challenges and fun games and tailor your event to your exact requirements.

Pricing available on request and subject to the chosen program and inclusions.


Fun in the Sun

  • Inclusions

    • Event preparation and planning
    • Equipment for the activities
    • Event Facilitation by Lead English/Thai speaking facilitators
    • Bottled Water
    • Prizes for the winning team
  • Optional Extras

    • Event Headbands – from 150 baht per piece
    • Event Bandanas – From 200 baht per piece
    • Event T-shirts with your logo – From 300 baht per piece
    • Event Flags – from 300 baht per piece
    • Event photographer – from 8,500 baht
    • Soft drinks and snacks – From 250 baht per person
    • Pre-event lunch or after event dinner – Rates on request
  • Exclusions

    • Conference room and location rental fees
    • Transportation to and from the location
    • Facilitators Accommodation and travel arrangements for an overnight program
    • Additional Food and beverage arrangements requested.
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