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The Event Brief:

Discover well known and off the beaten track tourist locations and unravel the facts and secrets about your event location in our cryptic clue-based Culture Quest.


The Challenge:

Teams need to unravel a set of cryptic clues, pinpoint the locations on the local map, then plan their route, decide how to travel from point to point, explore the locations and locate the facts about each clue point.


The Objectives:

At each clue point teams need to explore for answers, complete a cultural task or take part in a team activity, whilst competing for points aiming to accumulate the highest possible score in the allotted time.  This program focuses on planning, strategy decision making and time management all key to completing the tasks.


The Winning team:

The team that bonds together, plans well and makes effective team decisions and scores the most points wins our Culture Quest.


Team Travel:

During your Culture Quest, you experience how locals travel daily Depending on your location you will experience public transportation in Bangkok or travel by local pick up songthews in Hua Hin or Pattaya. Choose to upgrade your team travel to either an air conditioned minivan for comfort or the ultimate Culture Quest by Tuk Tuk, Thailand's iconic three wheeled transport!


Program Choice:

Half Day – up to 4 hours


Walking quest – Set program of  5 to 9 clue locations.

Walking quest around your location. Suitable for groups looking for a shorter program focusing on one main area.


Discovery Quest Set program of 5 to 9 locations, with team challenges and photo and video tasks  included. Participants travel by local or public transport to each location.

Team Challenge choice: Temple Quest plus Market Barter or Thai Street Stall challenge. 


Ultimate Quest - Set program of up 5 to 9 clue locations. Teams will explore their location visiting a variety of culture quest clue spots with either a tuk tuk ride , river ride by long-tail boat or air conditioned minivan included, depending on the event location.

Included Team Challenges: Temple Quest , Market Barter or Thai Street Stall challenge, Muay Thai boxing or Thai Dancing.




Culture Quest

  • Event Schedule

    Example Schedule – Half Day event

    08.30am /1.30pm – Event briefing by lead facilitator


    08.40am /1.40pm – Teams receive their list of clues and start to unravel and plan their routing.


    Teams are welcome to depart anytime of their Culture Quest.


    08.45am/1.45pm – Teams have 3 hours to visit as many clue spots as possible and gain as many points as they can.


    11.45am/4.45pm – Teams head for the final location


    Teams need to arrive by a specified time to receive a points bonus. Be late and a points penalty will be applied!


    12.30pm/5.30pm - Event De-brief, reveal the clues and answers to the questions and tasks, announce the winning team, group photo.


    1.00pm/6.00pm – End of the event

  • Inclusions

    • Event preparation and planning
    • Equipment for the activties and tasks
    • Teams challenge and travel budget
    • One lead English speaking Thai facilitator.
    • One English speaking Thai facilitator per team of 10                 
    • Bottled Water and first aid kit
    • Team Coloured Ribbon or Wristbands
    • Prizes for the winning team
  • Optional Extras

    • Event Headbands – from 150 baht per piece
    • Event Bandanas – From 200 baht per piece
    • Event T-shirts with your logo – From 350 baht per piece
    • Event Flags – from 300 baht per piece
    • Event photographer – from 7,000 baht
    • Extra teams - From 6,000 baht per team
    • Soft drinks and snack package – From 250 baht per person
    • Pre-event lunch or after event dinner – Rates on request
  • Exclusions

    • Conference room and location rental fees
    • Facilitators Accommodation and travel arrangements for an overnight program
    • Additional Food and beverage arrangements requested by the client


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