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The Event Brief:

Take part in a fast-paced race against time exploring your team building event location, interact with the locals and discover real life and local culture through interactive team challenges aiming to reach the finish line first beat the clock and be the winning team!


The Challenge:

Teams will compete over a series of cultural and activity based tasks focusing on local life and culture. Each challenge is designed for full team participation and teams will discover new skills and experiences whilst enjoy an enriching learning experience.


Each task is objective based with goals set and will test your teamwork skills to the limit focusing on core objectives including planning, strategy, communication, problem solving and creativity.


Cultural and activity team tasks:

Local Cultural tasks may include Thai boxing, Thai dancing, Thai music making, Spicy papaya salad making and tasting or local handicraft making. 


Activity tasks focus on the local area and attractions and may include exploring a temple or landmark, climbing steps and counting them as a team, being tour guides and identifying local landmarks, exploring markets and bartering for the best prices and returning with souvenir items and helping locals with their daily lives!


The Winning Team:

The team that combines the best to perform the tasks will take home the Stopwatch Amazing Race trophy.


Program Choice:


Choose from the following event options:


Half Day – 2 to 3 hours

Casio Race– Set program and set routing of 6 cultural  challenges, 6 main locations with a mix of cultural and activity tasks.


Tag Heuer Race– Set program with a choice of 3 cultural and 3 activity challenges, travel by local or public transporation, with one facilitator per team included.


Rolex Race – Choose the mode you travel at a fast and exhilarating pace and customize your event by choosing any cultural activity challenges for your event from our activity porfolio.



Stopwatch Amazing Race

  • Inclusions

    • Event preparation and planning
    • Equipment for the activties and tasks
    • Event Facilitation by English Speaking Thai speaking facilitators
    • Bottled Water & Soft Drinks
    • Prizes for the winning team
  • Optional Extras

    • Event Headbands – from 150 baht per piece
    • Event Bandanas – From 200 baht per piece
    • Event T-shirts with your logo – From 450 baht per piece
    • Event Flags – from 300 baht per piece
    • Extra prizes and gifts – from 150 per item
    • Event photographer – from 7,000 baht
    • Soft drinks and snacks – From 200 baht per person
    • Pre-event lunch or after event dinner – Rates on request
    • Lead Western facilitator – 20,000 baht
  • Exclusions

    • Conference room and location rental fees
    • Transportation to and from the location
    • Facilitators Accomodation and travel arrangements for an overnight program
    • Additional Food and beverage arrangements requested by the client
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