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Event Brief:

Your team will experience a challenging, fun and rewarding program of Corporate Social Responsibility activities, where the focus is on making a difference to the lives of others.



Teams take part in creative and innovative tasks which require a variety of team work skills, including planning, task delegation, leadership, communication and accountability whilst receiving a rewarding feel when they present their personal donation to the beneficiary.


Event format:

Depending on the activity, the group is split into teams and undertakes a set CSR project task or competes in team building games for parts of a bicycle to build for the make and donate program.


Our facilitator briefs the group on the program and tasks and if this takes place at a beneficiary location then the group is met and greeted by the beneficiary and the school principal prior to the event commences.


All equipment required will be given to the teams prior to commencing the CSR Projects and donated by Events DMC to the beneficiary.


The Winning Team:

As such there is no winning team, as the beneficiary is the winner being the recipient of your hard work, and generosity however we can incorporate a competitive element if required.


Possible CSR activities include:

Make and Donate – Compete in fun games, make and donate Kids Bicycles

Classroom Teaching through fun games and songs

Art Attack – Drawing and painting with children educational art, face paint, books

Kids Party - Play fun party style games with kids with gifts and prizes

School sports with children – football, volleyball, badminton, takraw.

Renovation and Repairs – Wall painting, furniture repairs, making a facility.

The 3 R’s policy – Teach and implement the 3 R’s of Recycling


CSR Make a difference

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