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Event Brief:

Enjoy a day of fun team building activities and games designed to put a smile on the faces of your team and make a difference to a child’s; life by making and donating a bicycle to ride for their young life. This program of interactive team building games brings together your delegates with those less fortunate than you, allowing you to show your company CSR credentials!



Teams will need to find different ways to communicate during the activities, work together to find solutions, solve the puzzles. delegate tasks and roles within the team aiming to win parts or tools to use to build and donate your team's bicycle to a child.


The Winning Team:

Rather than being a winning team, the winners of the event receive more tools to help build their bikes, and the other teams get the assistance of a bike mechanic.


Event Format:

Choose your event format with activities designed for individual teams or One team, focus on improving teamwork skills, include a competitive element or simply have fun doing the activities and the make and donate finale.


Event formats include:

Team versus team

Station rotation

Walk rally chaser races.

Events DMC will design your event format just for you.


Ice Breaking Fun:

Create the perfect start to your event with our fun selection of ice breaking activities and get to know each other


Choose from the following to add laughter to your day.


• Jumping Circle – Do as I Say and Do the opposite too.

• Ball and the hoop, the hoop and the ball pass.

• Line me up– Line up in orders using nonverbal communication

• Chopstick Relay – Carry your team balls using only chopsticks.

• Human Knots – Unravel the web to make a complete circle.


Next, teams compete over a series of four main activities aiminng to win bicycle parts and tools to aid them to build and donate their bicycles. Teams are tasked to set the fastest time, score the most points and be the most successful team in these interactive challenges.


Recommended Program:


Balloon Balance - Keep as many balloons in the air as long as you can and then use them to balance as many of your team off of the floor!


Magic Pyramid - Teams aim to create and make the highest free-standing pyramid using dexterity and teamwork to make it stand tall!


Jump Rope - Get your team all jumping in tandem at the same time!. It’s all about coordination, communication, and rhythm.


Tower No 5 - Moves the blocks from A to C and don’t forget to also use B, Unlock the code use 1 and 2 and the rest will surely follow soon!

Change Wave - Find a way to change the wave from one side to the other without losing any of your team to the raging elements.


Once teams have completed the challenges, each group receives their bicycle frame and parts. By working together they need to attach the handlbars, wheels, mudguards, saddle, lights and more before taking it for a test ride and safety check on our on-site bike mechanic.


Finally, we invite the beneficiary into to the conference room, where teams get to meet to the children and the organisers and learn about the beneficiary in person, providing a rewarding experience for all.


Optional Event Finale


Back to School Relay Race Finale

On request Fun event finale based on a school theme combining school sports day with minute to win it halfway challenges, choose to include the beneficiary too!


Full program details available on request.

CSR Build and Donate

  • Inclusions

    • Pre- Event preparation and planning by Western Team Building consultant
    • Pre - Event management by experienced Western Team Building consultant
    • Equipment for the activities
    • Event Facilitation by One lead English speaking facilitator
    • Bottled water & first aid kit  
    • English speaking Thai support staff
    • Transport for the beneficiary and bicycle donation
    • 1 child’s bicycle per team
    • All tools and bicycle equipment
    • Team wristbands – to use during the events.
  • Optional Extras

    • Extra bicycles (child’s, Teenager and Adult size)
    • Extra bike accessories, helmets, lights, Pumps, water bottles and more!
    • Event Headbands
    • Event Bandanas
    • Event Flags
    • Event photographer
    • Event T-shirts with your logo
  • Exclusions

    • Additional Food and beverage arrangements requested by the client
    • Conference room and location rental fees
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