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Event Brief:

Your team will experience a challenging and fun program of team building activities and games focusing on specific objectives aimed at improving teamwork, communication and delegation and above all having a fun activity at your hotel.



Teams will need to find different ways to communicate during the activities, work together to find solutions, solve the puzzles. delegate tasks and roles and be accountable for the outcome.


Event Format:

Choose the event format that suits your team! Focus on improving teamwork skills, include a competitive element or simply have fun doing the activities.


Event formats include:


  • Team versus team competitive
  • Station rotation with competitive finale
  • Walk rally chaser races
  • Just a minute style ice breakers and individual challenges


Events DMC will design your event format just for you.


The Winning Team: The team that uses all these skills combines leadership and delegates tasks the best to achieve their team goals will be the winning team!


Create the perfect start to your event with our fun selection of ice breaking activities and get to know each other Choose from the following to add laughter to your day.


Jumping Circle – Do as I Say and Do the opposite too.

Ball and the hoop, the hoop and the ball pass. 

Line me up– Line up in orders using nonverbal communication

Chopsticks Relay – Carry your team balls using only chopsticks.

Human Knots – Unravel the web to make a complete circle.



Conference Fun

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