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A test of your team’s survival skills.


The Event Brief:

Take up the challenge, be competitive, find solutions, be mentally and physically challenged and outwit, outplay and outsmart your opponents in our super charged team building survivor style adventure program.


The Challenge:

Teams will compete over a series of mental and physical games, aiming to collect as many rewards as possible and win immunity for their team. Each activity is objective based with goals set and will test your teamwork skills to the limit focusing on core objectives including planning, strategy, communication, problem solving and creativity. The team that combines together the best to perform the tasks will take home the Castaway  Survival Idol.


Program Choice:

Choose from the following event options:

Half Day – up to 4 hours, Full Day – up to 8 hours


Castaway Intro – Set program of simple team games based on a survival theme


Castaway Beach – Set program of objective based and more challenging activities inclusive of camp building, Raft building and raft racing.


Castaway Ultimate – Tailor made program of adventurous survival style team challenges inclusive of camp building, camp fire building, outdoor cooking, Bamboo raft building, supplies recovery and raft racing activities focusing on puzzle solving and problem solving.


Castaway Intro Activities


Castaway Tribal indentityTeams create their own unique tribal identity cloting using cloth bin bags, facepaint and more!  They also make their own team flag and team dance and put on a performance to enterain us.


Tower No 5 - Teams are tasked to crack the code and move the boxes over three pivotel points in the fastest possible time!


Ring Stack – It all in the lean! , participannts put trust in their team to lean as far as possible to place the rings and score points for their team.


Catapult– Teams compete to make the best firing Catapult and enter 3 rounds of competition aiming to fire the furthest, land their balls near targets and catch as many balls as they can.


Rocky Crossing – Some are blind, others are deaf and a few are disabled. Using only rope, teams need to find the solution to lead their members across the rocks and reach Catstaway safety.


Event Finale:

Water relay race – Teams compete in a thrilling race to throw water along their team line and fill up a container and reveal the ping pong ball at the top first!



This event is suitable for all types of group size

minimum participants 10+

maximum 150+

Recommended Team Size: 5 to 15 participants per team


  • Inclusions

    • Event preparation and planning
    • Equipment for the activties
    • Event Facilitation by English/Thai speaking facilitators
    • Bottled Water
    • Prizes for the winning team
    • Bandanas to keep (Part of the team tribe identity activity)
    • Complimentary photos taken by our facilitators
  • Optional Extras

    • Event Headbands – from 150 baht per piece
    • Event Bandanas (with your logo) – From 200 baht per piece
    • Event T-shirts with your logo – From 300 baht per piece
    • Event Flags – from 300 baht per piece
    • Professional Event photographer – from 6,500 baht
    • Soft drinks and snacks – From 250 baht per person
    • Pre-event lunch or after event dinner – Rates on request
  • Exclusions

    • Conference room and location rental fees
    • Transportation to and from the location
    • Facilitators Accomodation and travel arrangements for an overnight program
    • Additional Food and beverage arrangements requested by the client
  • Payment Terms

    • Deposit 50% payment is required within 7 days of event confirmation
    • Balance 100% is required 14 days prior to the event.
    • Payment may be made by cash or bank transfer within Thailand
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